Super Mario 64 guide scan taken Nintendo

Nowadays, if you run into something in a game, or just get stuck, you can shop online and find a guide.

Hell, maybe even a YouTube video showing you how to make your way through a tricky area or take down a troubled boss. 25 years ago, getting the help you needed wasn't that easy.

You needed physical guides, and there's probably none better than Super Mario 64 printed for Japanese players when the game launched.

Copies of it are naturally pretty hard to come by 26 years later, which is why Mario fans rejoiced earlier this month when someone scanned its pages and made them available online.

Internet Archive, where the scanned guide could previously be found was released by Nintendo America with a copyright notice. It was passed to Comfort Food Video Games which was responsible for upload

"While I fully understand protecting someone's IP and copyright, I didn't think I was hurting anyone by scanning and uploading the 27-year-old's guide," CFVG's original uploader told Kotaku.

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