Emerging Super Crab The Most Post Pulsar to Be Discovered

They assume that the newfound object, VT 1137-0337, is a pulsar wind nebula and a neutron star that stimulates nearby charged particles at close to the velocity of light.

The astronomers detected the pulsar in a series of images from the Very Large Array Sky Survey (VLASS),

a project of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which is conducting three full-sky scans from the Very Large Array (VLA) near Socorro

They discovered 20 transient objects in the newer image that did not exist in the older photo. 

One thing, VT 1137-0337, located in a dwarf galaxy 395 million light-years from Earth, caught their eye

There is a possibility, however, that this energetic object is not a nebula wind pulsar at all

The researchers will proceed to study VT 1137-0337, surveying it via subsequent VLASS observations.

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