Trisha Paytas Pregnant With First Child

Trisha shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram with a post of her scan and a video of her ultrasound appointment. 

The social media star has previously been open about her battle with infertility so many fans were stunned with the exciting news that Trisha will be welcoming a child.

Trisha Shared The News Of Her Pregnancy On Instagram With A Post Of Her Scan And A Video Of Her Ultrasound Appointment.

The 33-year old controversial influencer has almost 5 million YouTube subscribers and has documented their journey with infertility. 

In the video she said: “With my PID, the chances of ever having children are basically zero. I’ll just tell you guys now, I know that it’s not in the cards for me.”

Now that Trisha is pregnant, many fans are over the moon for her following a long journey with infertility, which she has spoken about publicly.

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