Ukraine could invade at any time, separatist leader fears, as US calls on citizens to leave

UKRAINE could launch a full-scale attack on the Donbass region, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Prime Minister Denis Pushilin said today as the US called on all its citizens to leave the country.

Today, Pushilin held an extensive press conference in which he made a series of claims about aggression perpetrated by the Ukrainian army in the past.

He claimed people inside the separatist enclave had previously been subjected to ethnic cleansing, and in years past have faced repeated breaches of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian army.

Of course, the Ukrainian army claims the exact opposite; that it is in fact the forces of the DPR which are constantly attempting to provoke their troops, with gunfire and drone attacks.

We’ve certainly seen evidence of the damage inflicted to Ukrainian homes near the conflict zone this week. But Mr Pushilin reeled off a long list of supposed crimes committed by Ukraine,

I asked him, given all these supposed attacks by Ukraine, he would welcome Russian troops in the DPR. He told me he "wouldn't rule it out" if there were a full-scale offensive by Ukraine

He also pointed out that 700,000 people in the DPR now had Russian citizenship. That seems to open the door, in theory to Russian troops rolling into the DPR to ‘protect’ Russian speaking people there

A pessimistic explanation might be that Pushkin's claims are just the beginning of a narrative being set up to justify the Russian invasion Russia can claim it is working to protect Russian speakers

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