Warzone players plead for sniper buff after seeing Kar98k damage downgrade

Sniper rifles used to dominate Warzone at the peak of their power, but the Season 4 update

 Assault rifles the go-to class. Warzone players are demanding a class-wide to close the gap.

Warzone players recently claimed that sniper rifles are “useless” after the Season 4 Update.

Raven Software increased a few one-shot kill distances for snipers in the Season 3 update and increased

The June 30 update also nerfed the NZ-41, but some Warzone fans still claim that the NZ-41

Sniper rifles are a contentious topic for the game’s community and a player shared a clip on

The comment received 236 upvotes and a thread of over 70 mentions of players discussing similar struggles.

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