Watch private freighter leave space station early Tuesday for fiery death

Northop Grumman's robotic Cygnus freighter is scheduled to undock from the orbiting lab at 6:05 a.m. EDT (1005) Tuesday

The Cygnus — named S.S. Piers Sellers, after the late NASA astronaut and climate scientist — arrived 

the International Space Station with more than 8,300 pounds (3,760 kilograms) of scientific experiments and other supplies on Feb. 21. 

 The maneuver was a milestone moment, showing that Cygnus craft can handle ISS reboosts

S.S. Piers Sellers will fire up its engine again on Wednesday (June 29) in a deorbit burn

 (Unlike SpaceX's Dragon cargo capsule, which is reusable, the Cygnus and Progress spacecraft burn up when their missions are complete.)

S.S. Piers Sellers was the 17th Cygnus to fly to the space station. The spacecraft's departure will occur just 10 minutes after another spaceflight event

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