“We must preserve the Earth, we will not be able to live on Mars”

humans will never be able to inhabit Mars, even if they live now “a golden age of space explorationthanks to private investment.

The military man, who also collaborates with National Geographic, defends that billions be invested in space research

 it is possible to “understand what is happening on Earth in part thanks to what we dedicate to space exploration, 

Virts is dedicated to disseminating how the Earth is seen from space: “from there you can see the pollution,

 the astronaut believes that “images like these can help raise awareness about our role in the universe and the importance of preserving the Earth“.

“Space research is more exciting now than even in the time of Apollo thanks to growing private investment,”

“Before, traveling to space was a matter of merit, but now to be an astronaut you only need a million dollars,” he smiles.

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