What Bob Saget didn't know before death?

What the late Bob Saget might have assumed was a bruised head could be the reason he never woke up last month.

Although no one can be sure what happened in the hours before the 65-year-old’s untimely death, Florida medical examiners concluded that he had hit his head, fracturing his skull.

The report also stated that Saget had bleeding and contusion to his brain and that his death was “the result of blunt head trauma.”

Indeed even a mild headache following a bump or fall could be a symptom of a potentially fatal hematoma in the brain a condition that causes the gaps in and around your mind’s organ to fill with blood

It’s easy to overlook the potentially deadly signs, said Dr. Neha Dangayach, director of Ent Emergencies Management and Transfers for Mount Sinai Health System.

Dangayach implores anyone who suffers from headaches to talk to a doctor, whether or not it turns out to be life threatening: “There are very good treatments available” for any headache.

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